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ze dne na den bez mléka

Ze dne na den bez mléka

Cappuccino. Cappuccino bez mléka? Život bez cappuccina? Ne! To jsem si nedokázala představit. A ani nechtěla. Silné cappuccino s nadýchanou mléčnou pěnou patří neodmyslitelně k

solene mandle křupavý vánoční mandlový dárek

Crispy almond gift

Also, have you eaten the candy and can you start baking again? 😀 Well, Christmas candy tastes best about Advent, it's a familiar thing. Highest chance to finish it on 

znenadani bez lepku

Gluten-free day by day

Please accept my sincere warning at the outset: If you are currently eating or drinking at your computer, swallow first and then see how

tipy a nápady

Homemade dishwasher powder

The dishwasher is one of the electrical appliances that we pamper at home, properly aware of its magical ecological properties: it can save our time and drink.

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Hi, welcome! I'm Beatrice. I love cappuccino and lemons and I conjure without gluten and milk in my kitchen. That's why I write this blog. Beautiful day and good taste!

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