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Variable salad

Also, hot summer days and a rich variety of fresh vegetables tempt you to summer "non-cooking„? Definitely to me “After all, what do you get a taste for at 30 ° C - tomato sauce with dumplings or tomato salad? Whether it is a process or a result, my choice is clear: salad. And it doesn't have to be shop or potato right away. There are countless possibilities. This is also the magic of salads - you can have a different one every day. That you are preparing food for the whole family and everyone is (not) eating something different, so you don't agree together? Today, our family recipe for a variable salad is just for you. 😎

Salad for everyone. Really?

Our daughters like vegetables, but not salads with sour dressing. One eats any lettuce, the other just a corn salad. The former does not like tomatoes, the latter can beat them (and with them the olives and pickles). An allergy to gluten and milk was added to me by an allergy to vinegar, celery and onions. And my husband doesn't like mayonnaise. 

How to conjure a salad for lunch or dinner for the whole family with these conditions?

Easier than you know. All you have to do is prepare individual types of vegetables and seasonings in the middle of the table in smaller bowls (or, conversely, on a large tray). Each diner then takes and tastes their own salad variation on their plate or bowl. Because you know your family well, you can guess whether you eat more cucumbers or anchovies. Slicing one tomato or plucking an extra basil leaf during a meal will not be an unsolvable problem.

How to make a variable salad

Prepare something:

  1. leaf. Leaf salads are great source of waterwhich contain about 90 %. Furthermore, folic acid, potassium, vitamins C and K. In addition to traditional lettuce and glacial, you can also reach for arugula, chicory, oak and our favorite cornflower.
  2. juicy. It is the season for tomatoes and cucumbers and the local ones are the most delicious.
  3. crunchy. In the market, I reach for a bunch of radishes as soon as they are on offer. Sliced and lightly salted, it will enliven any salad. If you do not like radishes on hand or do not like it, create thin strips of julienne with a young carrot strips. They will suit the salad.
  4. significant. Olives? Anchovies? Pickled mushrooms? It belongs to the salad as the icing on the cake.
  5. of color. We also eat with our eyes. So look at the prepared dishes and think. Is there anything yellow missing in them? Yellow pepper or sweet corn kernel salad cheerfully shines. Let dandelion lovers throw in a few flowers that have confused the seasons and decorate the lawn behind the house.
  6. saturated. I am thinking now of your favorite, readily available source of protein. Tuna? Egg? Chickpeas? The choice is yours.
  7. fragrant. Fresh herbs, onset! For me, lemon thyme, basil and chives play a key role.

Sůl and salt! Salt is over gold, as King I First understood.

Watering can be 1000 + 1. Home and purchased. With mayonnaise and vegetable yogurt. Or take a salad just fresh, and drizzle it on a plate with fresh lemon juice and delicious extra virgin olive oil. 

There are no limits to imagination.

salát bez lepku bez mléka

Maybe with today's article, "I rediscovered America." And maybe not - and you want to offer your loved ones a salad again, because if they can mix it themselves, everyone will enjoy it. And that was what it was about today.

Beautiful day and good taste! 🙂



I love cappuccino and lemons, I conjure gluten-free and milk-free in the kitchen.

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